Local Business Article Marketing – Attract Local Customers to Your Website by Submitting Articles

Do you own a localized business? Are you wondering if it’s possible to do local business article marketing to attract customers from your geographic region to your website?

When I speak with local business owners on this topic, there is a common misconception that in order to attract local customers to a website that you need to have your articles published on websites that are based in your town or that exclusively have readers from your city.

Actually, this is not true.

Most local business owners are under the wrong impression that the way that article marketing builds traffic is that articles are published on websites where your target readers are already hanging out, and then you receive traffic directly from the articles published on those localized sites.

That is the way that offline marketing works with television, radio and newspaper, but it is not the way article marketing works.

The main benefit of article marketing is that it allows you to elevate your search engine ranking for the keyword terms associated with your site in Google, Yahoo, etc. You elevate your search engine ranking by building links to your website. You build links by submitting articles.

Article marketing is the catalyst behind a link building campaign that will impact your website’s ranking in Google.

Let’s say your local business is a car rental dealership located in the UK, and you only want website visitors who are in the UK.

You do not need to seek out website publishers who run UK based websites.

Instead you should write articles on the general topic of car rentals (“How To Pick The Best Car Rental Agency”, “The 5 Best Family Friendly Car Rentals”, “5 Benefits Of Using A Rental Car On Vacations”, etc). You will write on your general niche, rather than about your specific business in the article.

Then, you submit your articles to websites that publish articles on your topic. So, in this instance, you would submit to publishers who accept articles about cars, travel, automotive, etc. You will find many article directories that have categories on these and other topics.

Where does your specific geographic location come into play? How do you end up attracting customers from your localized area of the world?

When you’re doing article submissions, you will also include a resource box. Each time your article is republished, so is your resource box. A resource box is a short author bio that includes your name, a little about your business, a reason to click through to your website, and a link to your website.

If you are trying to attract local customers, this is also the spot where you will specify your location.

For example, a resource box for a UK car rental agency might be:

“XYZ Car Rentals has been serving the UK for the past 15 years. For top notch customer service and reasonable UK car leasing prices, go to [website URL]”

You see, it is your resource box that will alert Google to your specific location.

It does not matter where your article is published. It does not matter that readers from all over the world may be looking at the directories and websites where your articles are appearing. You will still attract targeted readers from your specific location because of your resource box.

Google sees the resource box, notices the geographic location (for a local business, your geographic location will be a part of the keywords terms you target in your resource box), and Google associates that link in the resource box with the location specific keyword terms used in your resource box.

As you market your site consistently with articles, your Google ranking will get higher and higher. The higher your ranking in Google, the more traffic you will receive. And this is *targeted* traffic, specific to your location and to your type of business.

When will you start using local business article marketing as an extremely cost efficient and effective way to draw local customers to your website?

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